The Advantages Of Airtight Food Storage Container

We all know that it's worth it to be prepared, but few people really are. With all the disasters occurring around the world right now, it really is time to get ready. An airtight food storage container is a good first step. You can fill it up with supplies that will sustain you in the even of an emergency situation.

Why should you buy airtight? Because when food is left for a long period of time in storage, bugs, mice and mold invariably make their way into it. Even if you've never seen mice in your home, bugs show up all the time and you might not ever see them.

When you're storing up for an emergency, what should you do? There are plenty of guides that will offer amounts and types of food, but make sure you have a minimum of three days of food per person. It's better to have more than that on hand, but the bare minimum is three days.

Skip foods that will need to be changed out every couple of months. You'll be far better off looking at expiration dates and choosing foods that will last for a year or longer. In fact, the longer lasting a food, the more valuable it is for your emergency kit.

Canned items are already bug and mouse proof and can last for years. They have the added advantage of being pre-cooked. In the worst case scenario, you can just open a can and eat the contents as is. This is very useful when water and fire are in limited supply.

Try for a variety of foods so you can cover the basic nutritional needs of your family. Tuna, tinned sausages and meats, veggies and fruits are all good choices. It's important to keep your strength up in a crisis.

In the storage container, it's also a good plan to have more perishable foods like grains, rice, oatmeal and the like. You may also want to keep candy bars, dried fruits and other similar foods on hand, carefully packaged to last. These will give you an extra energy burst. Drink powders are also good.

Often, in an emergency situation, there are limited water resources. If that's the case, you'll need to boil or treat contaminated water. That will make it taste funny, so get your juice powder and make it palatable again, something that will help kids get it down and stay hydrated.

An airtight food storage container should be your first priority. There's no point in keeping food that could become contaminated. When you most need it, it won't be usable. Just rotate the foods so you always have the ones with the longest expiration dates in the box. Then you can use up the ones that are about to go. With some prep, you'll be prepared for whatever might happen, along with food and other basic supplies.


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