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Tupperware Food Storage Containers- Tips to Solve Two Most Common Problems!

Tupperware products are great food storage containers. They have stood the test of time, I remember mum use to come back from Tupperware parties loaded with them. She still has some of them till this very day, and if the seal gets chipped or crack, just replace it with a new one - you know it has a Lifetime Guarantee on most of its product range. However sometimes, there are things that are not covered by the warranty such as stains and unbearable odors. Most stains on your food container can be removed with baking soda paste. (just add water to baking soda powder) Unfortunately, if the stain has set in for a long time, then try straight bleach. You won't believe it but placing your stained food storage containers on the lawn when the sun is out also helps because the chlorine in the grass helps removes the stains. Most of the stains come from the red pigments in tomato based products like the vegetable itself or even spaghetti bolognaise sauce. It would be a good idea to run cold water through your containe...


The Basic Food Items That No One's Kitchen Should Ever Be Without

A lot of good foods can be made from scratch from the following ingredients that no kitchen should ever be without at anytime. Sugar is used in a lot of different cookies to make them sweet and to thicken the batter. It is also used in coffee kool-aide and many other juices and drinks as well. How many times have you had a neighbor come over and ask to borrow a cup of sugar? Don't be that neighbor!Flour is another kitchen staple that no home should be without as there is a large number of everyday uses for it. This is used to make many things. Many things made from flour are cakes, cookies, casseroles all different kinds of things are made from flour every day.Salt is in just about everything we eat. It is used to bake certain types of breads and cookies and is as important as brown sugar is to spaghetti. Salt can go on anything to make it taste better. It can also be made as a meat tenderizer if you haven nothing else to tenderize it with. I think almost every cake and cookie recipe needs baking soda. This ...


The Right Temperature For Storing Wine

Although position is important when storing wine, temperature is the most important storing factor overall. Even though you may not have the ideal conditions for storage, you should always have the optimal level of temperature. The temperature when storing your wine is very important, as it affects the overall quality, flavor, and longevity of the wine. Most wines need to be stored for long periods of time, which is why the temperature is so very important.The temperature for storing wine should always be between 50 and 65 degrees F. When stored in this range, the wine will develop quite nicely. In the days before refrigeration, wine was stored in underground cellars and caves. When refrigeration came along, it quickly became the easiest and most preferred way to store wine, as it allowed you to maintain the same desired temperature.In this day and age, science plays a major role with wine making. Science has proved over the years that aging is actually a chain of chemical reactions that occur over time...


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