Tupperware Food Storage Containers- Tips to Solve Two Most Common Problems!

Tupperware products are great food storage containers. They have stood the test of time, I remember mum use to come back from Tupperware parties loaded with them. She still has some of them till this very day, and if the seal gets chipped or crack, just replace it with a new one - you know it has a Lifetime Guarantee on most of its product range.

However sometimes, there are things that are not covered by the warranty such as stains and unbearable odors. Most stains on your food container can be removed with baking soda paste. (just add water to baking soda powder) Unfortunately, if the stain has set in for a long time, then try straight bleach. You won't believe it but placing your stained food storage containers on the lawn when the sun is out also helps because the chlorine in the grass helps removes the stains.
Most of the stains come from the red pigments in tomato based products like the vegetable itself or even spaghetti bolognaise sauce. It would be a good idea to run cold water through your containers before placing tomatoes in them. This process helps close the pores of the plastic food containers to minimize staining.

To quickly remove tomato based stains before it sets, wash the items under cold water immediately with dish washing liquid soap. You may also try a light coat of vegetable spray into your Tupperware bowls before you put in your tomatoes.

If you have previously stored a food item that emitted a strong smell in your Tupperware containers, the smell may seem hard to remove. However, just crumple some old newspapers, put them into these containers and seal them tightly. The carbon from the newspaper ink will absorb the bad smell. After a few days, you can remove them and wash your containers like usual. If the smell is still present, you can repeat this procedure a few times. Better still if you have a piece of charcoal which you just stick into your container for a few days to do the trick!

Some people do not like the idea of carbon or charcoal, so you can substitute it with baking soda paste and smear the area that is stained. Seal it and leave it for a few days like before. Then wash it with soap and water. Another fantastic trick is to take left over apple peeling and stuff it into your Tupperware container that smells. Seal it, after a few days, give it a good wash.

Some consumers complained that older Tupperware containers become sticky and greasy and these oily stains are not easily removed with soap and water. Use a degreaser or baking soda paste or even a diluted bleach solution - definitely will get rid of the stickiness, trust me!

Last but not least, sometimes you get mold growing on these products if they are not dried well after being washed. Easiest way to solve this problem is to put in some vinegar into the container, seal it for a couple of days and voila, no more mold!


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